The Reality Gap (TRG)

An Activity Space is where we pursue our goals. A Reality Gap is an unstable Activity Space, complicated by inconsistencies that form between our expectations and our experiences.

Taking Control

When we neglect our reality gaps, they expand, due to ideas, insights, opinions and assertions that massage our expectations and nudge us toward uncomfortable encounters, often with unintended consequences.

As our reality gaps expand, we become separated from our path and our purpose, and the value we can contribute falls.

Stabilising activity spaces and closing reality gaps is what I do, through a series of online coaching programmes.

Feed Your Ambition

Even the very best books can only sow the seeds of change. To nourish them, we need a plan. One that recognises and intelligently responds to our circumstances and surroundings.

QoC MAX Coaching


Our performance is defined by the quality of our contribution. This relationship is important because as work environments become more disruptive, the quality of our contribution and our performance is compromised.

With QoC MAX, we identify barriers preventing your maximum quality of contribution. Once these barriers are revealed, we decode and render them within a three-dimensional map; your visual ‘contribution space’.

We then begin a journey of exploration within your contribution space, employing a range of tools to systematically breakdown barriers that stand in your way of achieving maximum quality of contribution or QoC MAX.

Team QoC Review

QoC Tracker

Change Brain Coaching


When you become a part of a change initiative, you are gifted the opportunity to become an architect of a future where you can truly belong.

But first, we must satisfy your Change Brain, by removing barriers that can undermine your confidence in your ability to change.

With the Change Brain, we re-engineer your belief system responsible for controlling your confidence in your ability to achieve your goals and in the capacity of your organisation to help you achieve them.




Wish & Wisdom Coaching


Your life today is the life it is because of the things you do and how, when and why you do them. If your life today is not the life you desire, then you must establish an alternative life. A life you do desire.

To establish an alternative life, the things you do and how, when and why you do them must be different from today and right for the life you desire.

For that, we have Wish & Wisdom.

Values - Part 1

Values - Part 2

Wish Building

Wisdom Building

Your Plan

Your Journey